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Scottish Continuity
About Scottish Continuity

Scottish Continuity was formed in 1995 to enable the free-flow of information on best practice in Business Continuity Management in Scotland. At its inception membership was limited to Business Continuity professionals actively involved in the Financial Services industry. Over a short period of time membership increased, as did the scope of public and private sector operations represented.

The organization is dedicated to the following objectives:

  • Acting as an independent forum for benchmarking current Business Continuity practice.
  • Encouraging and supporting the application of Business Continuity 'best practice' through networking events, conferences and training events.
  • Encouraging the development and provision of Business Continuity related education, training and development activities within the Scottish Training Provider community.
  • Encouraging and supporting conferences, meetings, seminars and social events arranged for the benefit of the membership on a non-profit basis.

In order to achieve these objectives, Scottish Continuity shall:

  • Offer appropriate membership levels to attract a comprehensive and representative membership throughout Scotland; including student, individual and corporate.
  • Facilitate the exchange of information regarding Business Continuity Management and Incident Management and Co-ordination within all sectors of services, industry and commerce in the public and private sector for the benefit and in the interests of the individual members, their employers and clients.
  • Encourage and support the integration of Business Continuity Management into the day-to-day management structure of member organizations.
Sustaining a Resilient Community

Scottish Continuity

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