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Date: June 21st, 2022

Venue: Webinar

Following membership feedback (thank you - keep it coming!), at noon on Tuesday 21st June we were fortunate to have Dr Aarti Anhal, founder of before nine, host a webinar to help in our personal growth as people, assisting us to be better armed to meet the challenges thrown at us. 

Severe Weather Desktop Exercise

24th November 2021

(Virtual desktop exercise, see what you missed -  download flyer here!!!)

Do you remember when 20 miles of the M8 were closed for 48hrs with temperatures dropping to -14C in Edinburgh? (December 2010)

Were you prepared?

Did you learn lessons and act upon them? Perhaps?

We were invited to take part in this special event ran by Inverroy Crisis Management - free to all Scottish Continuity members! 

To join Scottish Continuity - Join Us.

Virtual Discussion:
Building Your Resilience Exercise Programme with Charlie Maclean-Bristol

Thursday, April 29th

With our friends at PlanB Consulting, we hosted a virtual session to discuss how building a structured exercise programme can be a fantastic way to demonstrate improvement and confidence in your organisation's ability to respond and recover from a disruptive event.
We explored what styles of exercise can be used with different audiences within your organisation, how to structure and build on responder capability, and how to string a series of events into a larger narrative to enhance organisation-wide engagement and buy-in.
Charlie Maclean-Bristol requires very little introduction to resilience professionals in Scotland and beyond, and in this session he explores his lifetime of experience as both a resilience manager and award-winning consultant, including recent developments in international standards that he has been involved in shaping. Charlie also introduced how PlanB Consulting can assist you in delivering a robust, effective exercise programme.

If you missed it, you can see the recording of that session below!

When Downtime Isn't an Option!
When Downtime Isn't an Option!

It looks like you missed the Automated Recovery interactive session!

We ran this free discussion event in partnership with Cloudsoft on Friday 26th March 2021.

We discussed how focusing on software applications best addresses business priorities and simplifies IT management of complex estates. 
Sometimes software application-centric approaches and tools align better to business priorities than infrastructure. This focus also removes technical silos and dependencies on key staff in a crisis, and automating processes can enhance widespread recovery initiatives as well as generating efficiency and agility.
We discussed a full-lifecycle approach to deploying and managing critical workloads using tooling that is aware of their internal structure, providing automated failure recovery tailored to each individual component.
This discussion was led by Alasdair Hodge who shared insights from experience across major enterprises.

You can see the recording of the session below!

FREE Counter Terrorism Training!
FREE Counter Terrorism Training!

During these unprecedented times where many of you are working from home, could you spare 45 minutes to help "protect the national security of the UK?"

Access to Counter Terrorism Policing's FREE counter terrorism training has been made easier for home users.

The award-winning course explains how to spot signs of suspicious behaviour and what to do to help yourself, others and emergency responders if an attack should take place.

ACT today and sign up 👉

#ActionCountersTerrorism          Download UK Protect National Bulletin

Missed it - Friday 26th February!
Missed it - Friday 26th February!

Wellbeing and Mental Health for Our Resilience Community (2021)

It has almost been a year since our lives have been turned upside down. All the rules, restrictions, new working arrangements, not being able to meet our friends and family… We all have done our very best to adjust, but it is tough. To say that we all have been taken on a ride in emotional rollercoaster over these last twelve months would be an understatement.

Here at Scottish Continuity, we recognise that with everything going on in our lives, our mental health and wellbeing need additional TLC. While we cannot offer a magic solution for all the struggles in the world, we can offer a little respite from your day and take a collective measure of our groups’ wellbeing temperature.  In collaboration with our fantastic friends at  Lindsay & Lang, we hosted session on Friday 26th February, aimed at sharing best practice and practical guidance on maintaining our mental health and wellbeing.

Unfortunately you missed this event, but you can see the results of the attendee survey which we carried out prior to the event by clicking in this link! 

Resilient Scotland Conference (RSC) 2020
Resilient Scotland Conference (RSC) 2020

Past event - Tuesday, 4th February 2020

Our Dynamic Earth, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8 8AS

We hope you enjoyed the Scottish Continuity Resilient Scotland Conference!   Speaker presentations – where permitted - have been uploaded onto the Conference Webpage

Thank you to all that attended, sponsored and exhibited!


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