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News & Events (upcoming and past events)

The Scottish Business Resilience Centre has generously extended an invitation to our members to an Extreme Weather Resilience Workshop on 23rd January! Please see here to register and get more information!

Scottish Resilience Conference - 2019
Scottish Resilience Conference - 2019

Tuesday, 19th February 2019 - DYNAMIC EARTH, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8 8AS

                                  See HERE for more details!

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Breakfast Surgeries
Breakfast Surgeries

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning Surgeries

Have you got any unanswered Business Continuity and/or Disaster Recovery questions?

  • Are you looking for a recovery solution (IT, Telephony, Business, Employee, Building, Outsourcing etc)?
  • Do you want to know what tools & techniques are available to help build/improve your plan & recovery solution?
  • Does the thought of knowing how to recover IT, Telephony, Software and Hardware send you into a state of panic?
  • Ever wondered if your recovery plan is actually 'fit for purpose'?
  • Could you develop a plan and recover solution on a budget?
  • Would you like to understand the benefits of recovery testing?
  • Nervous about networking but would like to talk to someone in the industry?
  • Want to know a bit more about Scottish Continuity?
  • ............and many more questions!...........

Did you answer YES to any of the above? If so, then why not come along and join us at our breakfast surgeries? Some of our board members will be on hand to discuss and answer your questions.

Key Info:
Next Date: 6th March
Time: 08:30 - 10:00
Venue: Platform 5, near to Haymarket Station, Edinburgh

Sales & Gimmicks: None, Informal Discussions Only
Cost: Free!

2018/19 EVENTS
2018/19 EVENTS

Education and Training Work stream for 2018-2019

How do SCG intend to meet our objectives this year and encourage new members to join up and get involved?

Programme  – 2 x Social, 2 x Small Events, Breakfast Meetings, Feb 2018 Conference - Theme for 2018 and beyond – ‘Your resilience is our resilience’.

AND... we are back in Glasgow and will hold the next series of Breakfast Briefings in Glasgow to :-

  • Reconnect with our West of Scotland members
  • Be accessible to our Glasgow Caledonian University Student Members, the future practitioners.
  • Encourage more Glasgow organisations to join by being available for networking and to explain the benefits of membership

Edinburgh events, too!

These events are a great way for professionals to get together, hear about key topics, get an opportunity to ask questions and build your personal network here in Scotland.

CIR Business Continuity Awards
CIR Business Continuity Awards

Scottish Continuity is a sponsor of the 21st Annual Business Continuity Awards 
Celebrating achievements in business continuity, security and resilience

Now in their 21st successful year, the Business Continuity Awards recognise those business continuity, security, resilience and risk professionals whose innovative strategies and industry savvy make them stand out above the rest. Judged by an independent panel of experts for exceptional performance, the awards provide an opportunity for organisations and individuals to showcase their best products, projects and people.

For the latest news and updates follow @CIR_Magazine #BusinessContinuityAwards

Sustaining a Resilient Community

Scottish Continuity

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