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Scottish Continuity
Please assist us by filling out this form. It will help us assess the general level of preparedness of our member organisations, and also help us organise further events of relevence for you. Please note you may remain anonymous if you wish;
Scottish Continuity Group - SME Questionnaire
Do you know what Business Continuity Management (BCM) is ?
Do you know what action you would take if you could not undertake your normal business due to any of the following - Inability to access your business premises for two or more days due to fire/flood/loss of power majority of staff cannot attend loss of key files/IT applications failure of key supplier to fulfill service agreement etc?
Have any of your suppliers asked for evidence of your Business Continuity plans?
Scottish Continuity are looking to set up a series of Business Continuity awareness/education events. What type of event would you attend?
What topics would interest you?
Sustaining a Resilient Community

Scottish Continuity

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